Lista di risorse di informazione sulla crisi nucleare di Fukushima.

Pagine speciali

  • AJW – Fukushima nuclear crisis
    Special section designed to provide readers with the Internet’s most comprehensive, archival coverage of Japan’s tragic earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima nuclear crisis.
    Asia Japan Watch – Asahi Shimbun, in inglese.

  • BBC – Japan Earthquake
    News & Analysis
    BBC News, in inglese.

  • Greenpeace – Fukushima nuclear disaster
    A year after the nuclear accident at Fukushima, Japan, the lives of hundreds of thousands continue to be affected by the disaster. We extend our heartfelt condolences to the families of the tens of thousands who died as a result of the tsunami, and to the more than 150,000 who had to flee their homes because of radiation contamination.
    Greenpeace International, in inglese.

  • Nature – Japan Earthquake ans Nuclear Crisis
    Japan is struggling with its worst-ever nuclear power disaster, following the magnitude-9 earthquake and massive tsunami that struck the country on 11 March. Nature brings you regular updates, analysis and comment on the crisis.
    Nature, in inglese.

  • Spiegel – Fukushima
    Super-GAU in Japan
    Der Spiegel, in tedesco.

  • Spiegel International – Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe
    Articles, background features and opinions.
    Spiegel International, in inglese.

  • The Guardian – Fukushima
    News & Analysis
    The Guardian, in inglese.

  • The Japan Times – 3.11: One year on
    Great East Japan Earthquake anniversary
    The Japan Times, in inglese.

  • The New York Times – Japan News
    In many ways, Japan is still reeling from the devastating earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011, and the nuclear crisis and huge leaks of radiation it set off.
    The New York Times, in inglese.

  • Dossier
    ARO – Informations Fukushima
    CRIIRAD – Dossier spécial Japon
    FIA – Informazioni per gli stranieri a Fukushima
    IRSN – Dossier in francese
    The Fukushima Issue – Edizione speciale del Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

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